Loon Outdoors Line Speed Line Cleaner


Loon Outdoors Line Speed Line Cleaner

By cleaning, adding a slickness, filling in imperfections and protecting lines from the sun, Line Speed allows lines to cast farther and last longer. Unlike most line cleaners, Line Speed doesn't leave a sticky, dirt gathering silicone fluid coating.

Apply with Loon's® line cleaning tool and let sit overnight.
  • Fly line cleaner
  • Fills in line imperfections
  • Coats line with UV blocker
  • Contains advanced lubricants for better casting
  • Increases line floatation
  • Also ideal for repairing damaged line
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Size: 1-1/4 oz.
How to use:
  • Apply desired amount to line cleaning tool
  • Apply to entire fly line using line cleaning tool
  • Let fly line sit overnight
  • Buff line with cloth to remove excess Line Speed
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Fishing is all about observing and making choices how best to interact with the fish's habitat. The most successful fisherman has learned to match his or her decisions with the rythm of the environment.

Dan Paradis discovered this truth while casting a caddis on the Boise River in 1991. Watching a fly drift on a riffle, Dan knew he could combine his knowledge of chemistry with his love of the outdoors and passion for fly fishing. He left his successful career as the technical director of Dexter Aerospace, and his patented products that are still in use today in many of the world's most sophisticated aircraft, to begin a new journey. Loon Outdoors® is that journey, and the concept is simple; to create environmentally-friendly fly fishing products that perform at an exceptional level.

Loon Outdoors - Fishing with a conscience.
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Loon Outdoors Line Speed Line Cleaner

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