Yak Gear Railblaza Depth Finder - Sounder/Transducer Mount


Yak Gear Railblaza Depth Finder - Sounder/Transducer Mount

The Kayak Depth Finder - Sounder & Transducer Mount Kit has been developed for kayak anglers needing an easy way to install and remove fish finders or sounders. With this kit you can install and uninstall your fish finder/sounder in a matter of seconds with no messy adhesives or excessive drilling of fittings required. With Yak Gear's™ extensive selection of mounts, this kit can be adapted to fit any kayak.

It also offers a unique advantage for kayaks that do not have a transducer scupper. Now the transducer will be in the water giving 100% true reading rather than reading through the hull. If you need to get the transducer deeper in the water simply add an extension. If you are entering shallow water, the factory set friction joints will allow you to lift the transducer out of harm’s way.
  • Completely remove mount with one click of the StarPort slide lock


  • SwivelPort
  • Adjustable knuckle joint
  • Fixed StarPort extender
  • Cheek mount adapter
  • Rotating platform
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Yak Gear Railblaza Depth Finder - Sounder/Transducer Mount

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