Pacsafe Cashsafe Anti-Theft Travel Belt Wallet


Pacsafe Cashsafe Anti-Theft Travel Belt Wallet

The Cashsafe™ anti-theft travel belt outsmarts thieves at their own game. It's great for stashing extra cash and keeping it hidden from view. The Cashsafe has a plastic buckle which means there's no need to remove it when passing through airport security.
  • Looks like a normal belt
  • Adjustable and easy to use
  • Secret pocket
  • Plastic non-slip buckle
  • Metal free design is airport security-friendly
  • Color: Black
  • Pocket length: 27.6"
  • Fits: 28.3" - 46.5"
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Outpac Designs Limited, makers of Pacsafe®, was established in 1998 in Hong Kong by two Aussie blokes who sailed most of the world's oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries. Their own experiences, and those of other travelers, convinced them of the need for no-nonsense travel security.

Pacsafe is a brand of high-quality smart travel gear with built-in innovative anti-theft technology. Pacsafe gear includes adventure backpacks, urban and leisure bags, women's bags, photography bags, motorcycle bags and travel accessories such as straps, cables and locks.

Pacsafe - Smart. Safe. Secure. Travel
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Pacsafe Cashsafe Anti-Theft Travel Belt Wallet

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2.5 oz.
Fits 28.3" - 46.5"
Polypropylene webbing
2.5 oz. Fits 28.3" - 46.5" Polypropylene webbing $12.99