Bison Designs X Stream Survival Pod


Bison Designs X Stream Survival Pod

The X Stream™ Survival Pod gives you all the tools to survival - all wrapped into a compact, take-anywhere zipper pull.
  • Use for lashings, tie downs, shoe laces, guy lines, bow strings, anchor cord and more
  • Color: Orange
  • Suggested for: Campers, Hunters, Hikers
Pod includes:
  • D-shaped, 4cm carabiner
  • Two split shot, tin, removable fishing weights
  • Spoon lure
  • #6 live bait hook
  • #8 live bait hook
  • 15' of mono-filament fishing line
  • 12' of 550 parachute cord
  • 12" steel green snare wire
  • 1" sharp eye knife and sheath
  • 1" fire stick flint
  • 6" jute firestarter / tinder
  • 6" strip of duct tape
  • 1-1/4" sewing needle
  • 1-1/2" hacksaw blade   
  • 1g. of reusable hot glue
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Bison Designs® was established by Brian Kelleghanin 1987 to produce belts manufactured from climbing webbing. The company originated the process by which patterns could be woven into webbing for more unique styles. They continue to use this process today, manufacturing all of their belts in Longmont, Colorado USA.

Over the years, Bison's product line has expanded to include a large variety of pet accessories, paracord survival accessories, unique and custom aluminum accessories, as well as a number of chalk-related products. Their pet products are designed around the way customers live with their pets. Pet safety and comfort is the number one concern, but of course they should look great, too! And they continue to innovate the paracord accessory market with truly functional and practical survival basics, wrapped in wearable bracelets, belts, key chains, and more.

Bison Designs® - relentless innovation and creativity™.
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Bison Designs X Stream Survival Pod

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