Omega Pacific Standard D Locking Carabiner


Omega Pacific Standard D Locking Carabiner

You're looking at one of the strongest aluminum carabiners in the world. At 31kN, it's wicked-strong and represents the most durable design in basic, functional climbing carabiners.

Through ISO Cold Forging, Omega Pacific® has put material exactly where it will render the strongest design possible for a carabiner of its size and materials.
  • CE and UIAA certified
  • Color: Bright
  • Mini-Axis strength: 9kN
  • Gate open strength: 9kN
  • Length: 4.28" (108.7 mm.)
  • Width: 2.39" (60.7 mm.)
  • Weight: 2.6 oz. (74g.)

* For your protection and the safety of all climbers, life supporting gear and all safety equipment, such as carabiners, ropes and harnesses, cannot be returned or exchanged unless under warranty. Please carefully inspect all equipment for damage or defect prior to deployment.

Product Features:

Weight 2.6 oz. (74g.)
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Omega Pacific Standard D Locking Carabiner

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Gate open clearance:
0.63" (16 mm.)
Strength major axis closed:
2.6 oz. (74g.)
0.63" (16 mm.) 31kN 2.6 oz. (74g.) $10.99