BioLite SiteLight


BioLite SiteLight

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Define a sense of space and place with the SiteLight™, a coupled daisy-chaining light system that provides warm and highly functional light at your site. The SiteLight can establish an impressive forty feet of lighting with four connections, yet breaks down easily into a compact protective sphere with effortless cord management.

Each SiteLight contains 10 feet of cord. You can chain up to four together for a 40 foot perimeter of light.
  • Easy to angle
  • Dimmable
  • Chainable with other SiteLights (up to four)
  • Stores securely and compactly with magnetic orb design
  • Output: 2.5mm connector
  • Cord length: 10 ft.
  • Brightness: 150 lumens
  • Dimensions: 2.55" x 1.06" x 2.55"
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BioLite® develops and manufactures advanced energy products that make cooking with wood as clean safe and easy as modern fuels while also providing electricity to charge cell phones and LED lights off-grid. We feel a strong sense of responsibility not just to develop products that work well but also to create businesses that make a positive contribution to the global community.
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BioLite SiteLight

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1.83 oz.
2.55" x 1.06" x 2.55"
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1.83 oz. 2.55" x 1.06" x 2.55" Recreational $29.99 $19.99