House of Marley Rebel On-Ear Headphone


House of Marley Rebel On-Ear Headphone

$39.99 $19.99

Delivering competitive acoustic performance with a unique Marley® look and feel, the clean design of the Rebel™ on-ear headphone is enhanced by a powerful 40mm driver, as well as an in-line microphone with a one-button controller. Press play and get ready.

  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable on-ear design
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • In-line one-button microphone
  • 70% bio-plastic housings 
  • Regrind™ silicone rubber
  • Color: Navy
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The House of Marley® is built on the principles of superior quality, earth-friendliness and a commitment to global charitable causes.

Their high-performance audio products are engineered to deliver the Marley Signature Sound and pour out all the energy, emotion and detail of every recording. The headphones and audio systems reproduce your favorite music with smooth, powerful bass, stunningly precise mids and an energized high-end. Each product undergoes custom tuning to deliver the most realistic and powerful performances possible.

Marley products are sustainably crafted from earth-friendly materials including their exclusive Rewind™ fabric, cotton and canvas textiles, recycled plastics, recyclable metals, bamboo and Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods. Making purposeful decisions allows them to have deeper, more meaningful experiences that ultimately result in amazingly positive change.

Committed to giving back, Marley products support 1Love, the Marley family charitable organization. This global movement is dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace.
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House of Marley Rebel On-Ear Headphone

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$39.99 $19.99