Nite Ize C/D Cell 55 Lumen LED Upgrade Kit


Nite Ize C/D Cell 55 Lumen LED Upgrade Kit

This Nite Ize® LED Upgrade Kit improves light quality, increases battery life, and transforms your old incandescent C or D cell flashlight into a newly efficient, economical and long-lasting tool. In a snap.

It's as easy as replacing the bulb - instantly your flashlight will emit a pure white light, opposed to the incandescent dull yellow light, in spot to flood focus. Self-adjusting for all capacity levels, this efficient LED technology also ensures a much longer battery life, making it not only a useful, versatile improvement, but an environmentally-friendly and pocketbook-friendly one as well.
  • Fits most two to six C and D cell PR style flange flashlights
  • Simple to install
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Save money on replacement batteries and bulbs
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Nite Ize C/D Cell 55 Lumen LED Upgrade Kit

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Light intensity:
55 lumens
Burn time:
100,000 hours
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55 lumens 100,000 hours LED $15.19