Sterno 55 Hour Emergency Candle


Sterno 55 Hour Emergency Candle

Emergency situations happen year-round in every part of the United States. Don’t be caught without a solution for unexpected loss of light, heat, or power.
  • Designed for steady and reliable performance
  • Perfect for all-around utility
  • Less wax dripping, less mess
  • Clean burn
  • Wick designed to prevent drips, smoke, tunneling, blooming, drowning, secondary ignitions, and guttering
  • Wide base prevents tipping over
  • Multi-purpose and portable
  • Unscented
  • Burns up to 55 hours
  • Color: White
  • Height: 6"
  • Suggested use: Power outages, Natural disasters, Auto breakdowns
  • Made in USA
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Since 1893, Sterno® has been a respected name in portable cooking fuel. Originally known as S. Sternau & Co., the company became a household name in 1917. Sterno promoted their portable stove as an essential gift for soldiers going to fight in the trenches of Europe. Sterno stoves heated water and rations, sterilized surgical instruments, and provided light and warmth to bunkers and foxholes. Sterno products have been alongside America’s fighting men and women in every military engagement since.

Sterno - Perfection under fire™
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Sterno 55 Hour Emergency Candle

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