Life+Gear AR-Tech 50 Lumen Flashlight + Lantern


Life+Gear AR-Tech 50 Lumen Flashlight + Lantern

The LED AR-Tech Flashlight combines a bright flashlight and lantern into one design. Advanced Reflective Technology (AR–Tech) creates better area lighting for longer periods of time. With the additional safety flasher mode, you can be seen while walking or signal during an emergency. 

  • LED flashlight and personal lantern
  • Five modes - Flashlight, lantern, flashlight + flasher, red glow and safety flasher
  • LED tube lighting
  • Advanced Reflective Technology
  • 360º lighting
  • Water- and impact-resistant
  • Auto-off after one hour
  • Floats and flashes red when dropped in water
  • Flashing mode turns on automatically when placed in water
  • Three AA batteries included
  • Suggested use: Boating, camping, home
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Dedicated to working hands-on at every level to develop and promote innovative everyday products, Life+Gear® products are engineered with life-saving potential and capabilities in mind.

Their proprietary products are durable, environmentally-friendly and are not only helpful in preventing or assisting in an emergency, but are also convenient and fun when you're traveling, boating, hiking, camping or simply commuting to and from work.
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Life+Gear AR-Tech 50 Lumen Flashlight + Lantern

SKU #:
Light intensity:
50 lumens
Brightness levels:
Burn time:
200 hours (flasher)
Battery type:
3 AA
Battery location:
Beam type:
Flashlight, flasher or area light
Bulb type:
50 lumens 5 200 hours (flasher) $9.99