Reliance Bio Blue Toilet Deodorant - 12 Pk.


Reliance Bio Blue Toilet Deodorant - 12 Pk.

Bio-Blue has been a trusted deodorant for years. The dry powder deodorant quickly neutralizes and destroys odors while leaving a pleasant smell.
  • 12 single dose pouches
  • Simply place in toilet's holding tank before or after use
  • Neutralizes and destroys odors
  • Self-dissolving
  • No mess

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Reliance® Products takes pride in being a North American manufacturer with over half a century of expertise manufacturing products that satisfy the needs of consumers participating in outdoor recreation and those either preparing for, or involved in, an emergency. They focus specifically on hydration, sanitation, and purification items in connection with these markets and have created a line of products that meet your needs as you interact with the environment.

You can feel confident when you purchase a product made by Reliance. With over 50 years of experience - This Is Our Environment.
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Reliance Bio Blue Toilet Deodorant - 12 Pk.

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