Granger’s Gear Cleaner Spray


Granger’s Gear Cleaner Spray

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Granger's® Gear Cleaner is all you need to clean anything, including footwear, without the need for a washing machine. This high performance spray cleaner cleans and removes odors without aggressively attaching the DWR finish found on a lot of technical gear.

Use Gear Cleaner to clean footwear prior to waxing or spray proofing. It's perfect for removing patches of dirt from waterproof clothing that doesn’t justify a full machine wash.

Clean backpacks, sleeping bags, tents - you’ll wonder what you did without it. And, yes, it does work well on carpets too!

  • High performance spray cleaner
  • Cleans and removes odors
  • Perfect for spot cleaning
  • Size: 9.23 fl. oz.
  • Suitable for cleaning clothing: Down, fleece, leather soft shell, waterproof, windproof
  • Suitable for cleaning equipment: Canvas, down sleeping bags, rucksacks, synthetic sleeping bags
  • Suitable for cleaning footwear: Fabric, leather, suede
  • Suitable for equipment maintenance: Helmets
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Granger's® USA offers a full line of products designed to enhance your outdoor experiences by helping to protect you and your gear from the elements.

By employing the latest advances in chemistry and technology, they are able to offer you products that maintain, enhance and restore the performance of your outerwear, footwear and equipment.

No matter what your sport or activity Granger's has the right products to improve your comfort and safety. Granger's waterproofing treatments are easy to use, effective and an excellent value.
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Granger’s Gear Cleaner Spray

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$8.99 $3.99