Life is Good Flag 4 Circle Sticker


Life is Good Flag 4" Circle Sticker

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It’s important to stick together - and sticker together too. This one is perfect for leaving a little optimism, and patriotism, wherever you go.

  • Color: Red, White and Darkest Blue
  • Size: 4"
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Two brothers decide to sell t-shirts. They hawk their product door-to-door up and down the East Coast, sleeping in their van and barely eeking out an existence. Suddenly - inspiration!! A wall hanging from their Boston apartment inspires an incredible marketing campaign and, using the drawing of a character named "Jake", Life is Good® becomes a cultural phenomenon.

The product line has grown from those early t-shirts to an eclectic line of men's, women's, and children's clothing - along with sleepwear, footwear, hats, and other accessories. All inspired by Jake. And all inspirational to the Life is good consumer.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe... but in their world, Life is Good.
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Life is Good Flag 4" Circle Sticker

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$0.99 $0.49