Dart World Fire Tungsten Steel Tip Dart - 3 Pk.


Dart World Fire Tungsten Steel Tip Dart - 3 Pk.

Made out of 90% tungsten, the Fire range is manufactured using a unique production process. The highest grade of tungsten, in a super fine powder form is blended with nickel. Iron and zinc is also compressed, and then sintered into a 3150º Celsius. The resulting billets are machined into radical barrel profiles for optimum touch and feel.

  • Package of three darts
  • Uultra durable, non slipping coat on barrel
  • Supergrip shaft
  • 90% tungsten
  • Marathon flight
  • Weight: 22g.
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In 1970, Dart World was opened by Paul Hong. He moved the company to Lynn, Massachusetts in 1977, where he met Don Amirault and a business relationship began. Don opened his first dart store, Darts & Parts, in the fall of 1977, and it quickly became the place for players to shop. In 1983 Don opened his second store in Waltham, Massachusetts and, two years later, opened a third store in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Mark Amirault, Don's brother, was Paul Hong's first employee at Dart Worlds new location in Lynn. Mark learned all facets of the dart industry from beginning to end with his seven-year tenure at Dart World. After graduating from college with an accounting degree, Mark joined Don as his partner in the store operations. Don & Mark became a Dart World Distributor in 1986. Stressing quality customer service and quick response shipping, they built a very loyal customer base.

After building their wholesale business to a point of becoming Paul's largest customer, Don & Mark purchased Dart World, Inc. in 1988. The emphasis on quality customer service and quick shipping is an attribute that Mark & Don brought with them and is an important part of Dart World's philosophy for business.

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Dart World Fire Tungsten Steel Tip Dart - 3 Pk.

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