Crazy Aarons Hypercolor Twilight Thinking Putty - 3.2 oz.


Crazy Aaron's Hypercolor Twilight Thinking Putty - 3.2 oz.

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Inspiring songwriters, painters, and poets, the beautiful shades of twilight are also the inspiration behind Twilight Hypercolor Thinking Putty®. Twilight is the time of day when the sun sets into dusk.

As the sun dips below the horizon, its rays refract and scatter against the atmosphere to shine a bright blue one last time. This putty starts out that same deep purple and turns an almost fluorescent blue to mirror the last flash of evening light.

  • 3.2 oz. of Thinking Putty in a tin
  • Heat sensitive - deep purple warms to fluorescent blue
  • Non-toxic silicone materials
  • Firm texture
  • Poppable
  • Tearable
  • Never dries out
  • Place in fridge then against warm mug for even more intense color change
  • Tons of fun for ages 3+
  • Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities
  • Made in USA
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For as long as Crazy Aaron® can remember, he always had a penchant for putty. While he enjoyed the one that immediately comes to most people’s minds, it was created for the mass market in 1957 and left much to be desired. He figured with all the advances in science and engineering, there had to be ways to improve it.

He taught myself chemistry. He learned a bit about physics. And after a whole lot of experimenting, the first batch of Thinking Putty® was born!
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Crazy Aaron's Hypercolor Twilight Thinking Putty - 3.2 oz.

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$10.99 $8.79