Wood Products Fatwood Firedrops Fire Starter - 8 Pk.


Wood Products Fatwood Firedrops Fire Starter - 8 Pk.

These safe, non-toxic Firedrops are created using leftover highly resinous sawdust waste from Fatwood® Firestarter sticks combined with a paraffin wax binder. 

Firedrops leave behind no residue, burn hot for up to 20 minutes and can be safely used in any indoor our outdoor fire.

  • Package of eight
  • Use to quickly start a fire
  • All natural
  • Long shelf life
  • Perfect addition survival kit or go gag
  • Suggested use: Fireplace, chimenea, wood and pellet stove, firepit, campfire
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With over 25 years of industry leading methods, Wood Products® International has been leading the way in modern, ecologically-sound lumber, marrying contemporary, responsible wood products to traditional designs and styles. Being purveyors of quality wood products, they leave little or no waste behind. They use the whole tree to make a diverse selection of wood products.

From large scale rough, to their finished line of products for hearth, home and outdoors, they are your answer for providing dependable service for all your wood product needs.  

Wood Products Fatwood™ - 100% all natural firestarter.
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Wood Products Fatwood Firedrops Fire Starter - 8 Pk.

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