Grabber Space Brand All-Weather Blanket


Grabber Space Brand All-Weather Blanket

The Original Space® Brand All Weather Blanket is a by-product of the super insulating materials originally developed for the NASA / Apollo Space Missions. Engineered to reflect and retain over 80% of radiated body heat, it provides the user with warmth, comfort, and protection from harsh elements.

Utilizing a four layer construction technique that gives the blanket dimensional stability, while enabling the reflective properties to function effectively in an outdoor environment, it's an ideal accessory for all those venturing into the outdoors.
  • Totally reusable and long lasting
  • Personal emergency shelter against the effects of wind, rain, and cold
  • ace silver side towards you for maximum reflectivity; use as a sun reflector by facing silver side outward
  • Helps prevent hypothermia by maintaining body heat
  • Use as a heat reflector on the back wall of a shelter and sit between fire and blanket
  • Line the roof of any makeshift shelter to keep out the wind and moisture
  • Keep in your vehicle; place over inside of windows when leaving your vehicle for extended periods in hot weather
  • Use to help keep moisture and dampness away from your sleeping bag or tent floor
  • Full edge binding and grommeted corners
  • Silver on reverse side
  • Dimensions: 5' x 7'
* Color varies - we will choose for you at time of purchase
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For over 30 years Grabber® has set the industry standard for the manufacture and distribution of air-activated warmers.

Grabber has the head-to-toe solution to keep you toasty and comfortable, no matter the temperature. For everthing you need to make the most of your outdoor activities, rely on Grabber products to provide warmth, comfort, and protection for your adventures.

Grabber - Sharing the warmth.
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Grabber Space Brand All-Weather Blanket

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