Light My Fire MealKit 2.0


Light My Fire MealKit 2.0

The newest version of Light My Fire's® popular messkit is the ideal kit for your backpack, boat, bike, or picnic basket. It has all you need to prepare and eat a meal in all outdoor environments.

The MealKit 2.0™ comes with a number of new features and functions: two plates, a foldable Pack-up-Cup with a lid (260ml), a combined strainer and cutting board, a spork, and two waterproof SnapBoxes in different shapes and sizes. It also has a harness to keep everything neatly packed.
  • Lid / plate,  plate / bowl, spork, SnapBox Original, SnapBox Oval, Pack-up-Cup, strainer / cutting board, spork, and harness included
  • Plates and SnapBoxes constructed from environmentally-friendly, BPA-free polypropylene
  • Collapsible Pack-up-Cup has attached lid, measuring lines, and is made from BPA-free TPE and polypropylene
  • Spork  made from BPA-free Tritan™ that won’t scratch non-stick cookware
  • SnapBoxes have internal measuring lines and come with snap-lock lids making the containers waterproof
  • Harness made from TPE so it retains its shape
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Compatible with Leave No Trace ethics
  • Weight: 13.5 oz. (384g.)

* Color varies - we will choose for you at time of purchase.

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You know a great idea when you see it - simple, obvious, yet completely new. This is how you'll react to Light My Fire® products.

From making fires to eating meals, Light My Fire outdoor accessories are loved by both backyard adventurers and backwoods survivalists. From the moment you first hold a Light My Fire product in your hand, you'll want it - and so will your family and friends. Based in Sweden, Light My Fire specializes in outdoor accessories that are as practical in the city as they are in the wild.

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Light My Fire MealKit 2.0

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5.7 & 10.8 fl. oz. (SnapBoxes); 8.8 fl. oz. (Pack-up cup)
Packed: 7.6" x 7.6" x 2.4"
13.5 oz.
Polypropylene (SnapBoxes & plates)
5.7 & 10.8 fl. oz. (SnapBoxes); 8.8 fl. oz. (Pack-up cup) Packed: 7.6" x 7.6" x 2.4" 13.5 oz. $29.99