Pawleys Island Trellis Garden Quilted Fabric Hammock


Pawleys Island Trellis Garden Quilted Fabric Hammock

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With such relaxing colors and comfort, it's little surprise that this is Pawley Islands® most popular quilted hammock.

  • Hammock for one or two people
  • Two layers of solution-dyed Duracord® fabric sandwiching polyester fiberfill batting
  • Marine-spar-varnished white oak spreaders
  • Zinc-plated hardware
  • Brass-plated rolled-rim grommets
  • Color: Stripes of Leaf Green, Pebble Yellow, Oatmeal and Garnet Red, reversing to solid Leaf Green; rope is Garnet Red
  • Main dimensions: 55" x 82"
  • Length: 13' 0"
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Made in USA

* Stand and pillow sold separately

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For a quick measure of hammock quality, check out how much rope is used. At Pawleys Island®, they don't skimp on rope. In fact, they don't skimp on any materials, period. Never have. Never will.

When brand founder Joshua John "Cap'n Josh" Ward set out in 1889 to create a comfortable, secure rope hammock, he focused on better materials and heightened craftsmanship as keys to eventual success. Instead of using the rough, thinly wound hemp and manila rope common to his day, Cap'n Josh opted for heavier rope made out of skin-comfy cotton. Then, instead of tying his rope strands together — the bulky manner in which rope hammocks were then made — the crafty South Carolina riverboat captain devised a knotless double-latch weaving style that used gravity and tension to produce a lattice-like design. His new rope-and-wood creation was not only a pleasure to recline in, but was infinitely stronger and safer than those knobby old-style hammocks as well.

Cap'n Josh's philosophy of greater comfort and dependability through craftsmanship and quality is what continues to drive Pawleys Islands' hammock-crafting to this day.

Pawleys Island - Handcrafted since 1889.
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Pawleys Island Trellis Garden Quilted Fabric Hammock

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