Grand Trunk OneMade Double Trunktech Hammock


Grand Trunk OneMade Double Trunktech Hammock

$109.99 $49.99

Easily packed, easily hung, and even more easily enjoyed, this is Grand Trunk's® most impressive double hammock yet!

Featuring their own TrunkTech™ nylon, the hammock is durable, breathable, silky, smooth and cinched at the ends with continuous webbing loops featuring T70 seat belt grade stitching.

  • Constructed from proprietary blend; made of fabric sourced in U.S.
  • Lightweight
  • Strong - tested to hold 40 lbs. of static weight per square inch
  • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric
  • Color: Caribbean Blue
  • Fabric: 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon
  • Dimensions: 10' 6" x 6' 6"
  • Packed dimensions: 7" x 4"
  • Weight: 15.7 oz.
  • Made in USA
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Grand Trunk®, formerly The Travel Hammock®, was established in early 2002 after two adventurous entrepreneurs met while backpacking in Thailand. Based on their shared love of an outdoor lifestyle, The Travel Hammock was born and later became Grand Trunk - "Goods for the Road."

As The Travel Hammock has evolved into Grand Trunk, the product selection has grown to meet the needs of the popular outdoor market. The folks at Grand Trunk sell what they love, and that has been the driving force behind the growing business. They're continually working hard to find new and exciting products to bring to the outdoor market.

Grand Trunk welcomes you to discover their time-tested line of goods for the road.
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Grand Trunk OneMade Double Trunktech Hammock

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400 lbs. Nylon $109.99 $49.99