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The prototype slingshot / catapult was originally invented to shoot snowballs that would penetrate neighborhood kids' snowforts in Norfolk, Nebraska. Since the powerbands had to be strong enough to hurl a small snowball through a big slingshot fork, the wristbrace was created in order to withstand the heavier draw of the bands. To increase the power even more, the square frame was soon changed to a round rod so that surgical tubing could be tried as powerbands.

During this time, Chinese finger-trap tubes were popular at the local carnivals, and the concept behind the traps worked successfully as the way to attach tubing to the slingshot / catapult without strings or glue. Attaching high-powered latex tubing to forks with prongs bent backwards towards the shooter was a break through in slingshot technology by Trumark®. This new method to attach surgical tubing to the slingshot also lowered the costs of production. At the same time, Trumark invented the tube-through-the-hole method to attach the pouch to the tubing. This eliminated the old way of using string to tie the bands to the pouch, and further improved the look and reliability of the slingshot. In later powerbands, the tube-through-the-hole method was replaced by a plastic pin to eliminate punching a hole through the tubing near the leather pouch.

To this day most of the slingshots manufactured around the world are based on the ideas pioneered by Trumark in the early '50's. Although the original models worked well as wintertime fort busters, Trumark evolved the slingshot / catapult into models that could be sold throughout the year. Trumark has manufactured millions of slingshots over the last 55 years and continues to be one of the industry's leaders.
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