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Publisher of exceptional-quality hardcover books, audio books, and DVDs on big-game hunting, wingshooting, and sporting firearms. We have more than one million books in print. Known for our extensive Africana list, Safari Press has more books on African big-game hunting than any other publisher. Our comprehensive collection contains books on hunting elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, rhino, duikers, spiral-horned antelope, and so on. If it can be legally hunted, we have a book on it! Our extensive collection of Asian big-game hunting titles includes works on ibex, Marco Polo sheep, and much more. Our North American big-game hunting collection has books on hunting bear, elk, whitetail, and all big game indigenous to the continent. 

We also sell books for the wingshooting enthusiast on woodcock, duck, quail, grouse, and other waterfowl and upland game. Finally, our superior-quality books on sporting firearms cover titles on shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Our authors include Craig Boddington, Tony Sanchez, Kevin "Doctari" Robertson, Robin Hurt, Gene Hill, Finn Aagaard, James Mellon, Russell Annabel, Peter Capstick, Elmer Keith, Jack O'Connor, Robert Ruark, Robert Forker, Jim Zumbo, Larry Kaniut, and dozens of others. We are the North American distributors for Rowland Ward Publications.
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