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Meal Kit Supply
Having been in the MRE business for almost ten years, the team at Meal Kit Supply™ has heard it all - Meals Refuse to Exit, Meals Rejected by Everyone, Meals Rarely Edible, and Mr. E. When you think of an MRE you recall your grandpa’s horror stories about C Rations or even your father’s stories about early versions of the MRE. The truth is, Meal Kit Supply MREs are not ancient combat rations - they’re tougher, they last longer, and they taste a hell of a lot better. Meal Kit Supply has pop tarts, beef ravioli, meatballs in marinara, brownies, tortillas, chili, and so much more. They've got one of the widest varieties of food items out there because they know that even in emergencies you’ve got standards.

So before you knock MREs, try Meal Kit Supply. They guarantee you’ll agree these aren’t your grandpa’s combat rations. You might even think you’ve cooked worse!

Meal Kit Supply - Not your grandpa's combat rations™.
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