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Lori A. Davis, Photographer

Lori A. Davis, Photographer
 It's her passion for wildlife and being outdoors, the inner drive to explore, travel, experience and photograph spectacular moments in nature, which inspires freelance photographer, Lori Davis.

At an early age, her family began their work as wildlife rehabilitators. Lori realized these wildlife interactions were unique. She felt the need to document her experiences, not only as memories, but also as a way to share such amazing moments with others. To do this, she picked up a camera, unaware how much it would impact her life.

Since then, Lori has traveled cross-country, specializing in nature, wildlife & landscape photography and still gets great satisfaction bringing images back to share with others.

Originally from Woodstock, Connecticut, Lori now works out of her home near Ellsworth, Maine, thriving in a photographer's paradise and constantly adding new images to her collection.

She can only hope that her images will inspire you, as much as creating them inspires her...

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Lori A. Davis, Photographer



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