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The story of the K-Drill® spans nearly 60 years in development. It's named after the Kluge family that created one of the first gas powered ice drills back in 1959.

Jacob Kluge, was a visionary who experimented with one of the first electric powered ice drilling systems. He was a true pioneer in ice drilling technology and was the first to create a chipper cutting blade. Back in the day, ice blocks were common and ice picks were used to fracture the ice. If you hit the ice at just right angle, it would be easy to create small chunks of ice. Jacob designed a blade with five cutting fingers to chip the ice at just the right angle so as not to dig in or skip across the surface. Indeed the chipper blade proved to be revolutionary for ice hole drilling and his very design is used in the K-Drill nearly 60 years later!

Today, the Kluge family is still active in all phases of the current and future designs of the K-Drill to ensure their family tradition for American-made quality and innovation continues for many years to come.

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