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Duel Game Calls

Duel Game Calls
Calling game has been around virtually as long as man. Surely it started with man using his own voice to mimic the sounds of animals. Eventually, he developed tools to aid in this effort. These tools have evolved into the calls we use today.

Duel’s® patented Dual Chamber Technology™ projects sound through two separate chambers. This emulates the oral and nasal cavities through which sound is projected by real animals. The result is a tonally robust, resonating sound that’s better at convincing game you are real!

Most game calls are made overseas and shipped here to sell. At Duel, they feel strongly that American-made means American-grade; higher quality and made with pride by workers who understand the product and the ecomony. The folks at Duel are proud to say that all Duel Game Calls are made in America!
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