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American Expedition
American Expedition® celebrates the spirit and passion of Modern Day Explorers by commemorating their exploration and discovery experiences in America in a collection of aesthetically appealing "Functional Gifts." It equates modern day "explorations" - traveling, camping, hiking, hunting, bird watching, and fishing - to the romance of early American exploration and discovery.  

Modern Day Explorers appreciate the peacefulness of nature and enjoy the freedom and relaxation that can be felt while exploring America. They are individualists, but enjoy being with others. Modern Day Explorers live in turbulent times, so they yearn for and appreciate a simpler America. They respect nature and feel a connection with America's natural beauty. Modern Day Explorers are proud of America's heritage. They are always seeking to learn more about what they have not yet encountered.  

American Expedition products are "Authentic Functional Gifts for the Modern Day Explorer." The items reflect the unique appreciation and sense of pride Modern Day Explorers have for nature and wildlife in America. Featuring quality graphics, they present accurate information about wildlife and nature and provide inspirational sayings that relate to the Modern Day Explorer and their relationship with nature and wildlife.

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